At Savorsnap, we capture the beauty of food


Savorsnap is a small, young and professional food photography service based in Medan, Indonesia. Our passion for great food, beautiful presentation and attention to detail has made us the first food photography specialist in Medan.


In 2007, we started a food blog at makanmana.net as a digital playground and anything related to food. 8 years and still active, the blog has been acclaimed as one of the largest food blog providing culinary information in Medan, a city famous for its varieties of cuisine.

Our commitment in delivering quality content and review in the blog has attracted many amongst our potential clients, particularly the photos. To answer the demands, we established Savorsnap, which specialize in food photography services.

We have always been striving and lust for delicate photos. Creating Savorsnap has been more than excitement and we realized it’s time to go to the next level of the game.

Bobby and Leonarce met during their college year back in 2002 while studying overseas. Each of them pursued different major, Bobby like to spent the time with his camera and graphic design while Leo spent a few good years in VFX industry, dealing with fine art, 3D imaging, web technology, image manipulation, and interaction design.

Prior to Savorsnap, they have worked in renowned agencies involved in large scale project with clients such as Cadbury, Big Babol, Chipsmore, Danone, Indosat, etc. The meticulous skillset diversity they possessed created balance and harmony in the works they poured and the future they long envision.

Bobby and Leonarce co-exist completing each others’ craft, a teamwork and workflow they have long developed and revolutionize through rigorous experience.


At Savorsnap, we believe in good communication between our potential client. We provide consultation regarding the overall outlook and concept that client tried to portray before we proceed to execution. With years of experience learning about food culture and trends locally and internationally, we will deliver the best of your cuisine visually through photography.


On June 10, 2014 we were interviewed by Net TV covering topic on food photography business, tips and tricks.